The threat of ISIS for Christians


ISIS has been in the news for quite a while now. But if you don’t know the depths of who they are and what they believe, it may be difficult to understand why they are so dangerous and why their target is Christians.

ISIS was originally al-Queda in Iraq.  Shockingly, they were too gruesome for al-Queda, and they were thrown out of the terrorist group.  Thusly, they set out on their own.  Unlike al-Queda, ISIS is not in hiding; they are in full view of the world.  Their ultimate goal?  To gain control of the original borders of the original Ottoman Empire, this would mean an Arab caliphate, or Islamic kingdom.  The borders would include Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and… Israel. Note the importance of Israel in this goal of conquest.

So, as ISIS marches to this goal, their mission, such as it was during the Ottoman Empire, would be to completely annihilate the Christian populations in this area. Here is a (incomplete) list of the current Christian deaths that have occurred already.

15 of 350 hostages from the Assyrian Christian Church in Syria have been shot and beheaded.

30 Ethiopian Christians were shot and beheaded in Libya.

300 Yazidi were slaughtered in Iraq.

‘You are a target’: Muslim extremists terrorize Egypt’s Coptic Christians

And this chilling headline: “ISIS ‘Systematically Beheading Children’ in Iraq; They Are ‘Killing Every Christian They See,’ Says Chaldean Leader”

“You will not have safety even in your dreams, until you accept Islam,” declares a masked figure, speaking English with an American accent and pointing a revolver toward the camera. “To the nation of the cross: We are back again.”

Their issue isn’t just contained to Christians.  They are also kidnapping children to turn into “Cubs of the Caliphate.”

The fact is; this is genocide in the making.  ISIS is currently marking Christians in Iraq with an Arabic N, which stands for Nazarene.  There are more Muslims fighting for ISIS from the United Kingdom then there are in the Majesty’s Army (1000).  The US government believes that at least 150 Americans have left or attempting to leave the country to join ISIS in Syria. In total, there are over 20,000 foreign ISIS fighters that have come from other nations; which is the largest mobilization of foreign fighters in Muslim countries since 1945.

A Christian nun from Iraq, who is now living in a shipping container in Kurdistan after she and 100,000 other Christians were driven there by ISIS, was attempting to come and testify in front of Congress about the persecution going on there.  She was denied a VISA on the grounds that she wouldn’t leave.  I’ll save this discussion for another time, but tell that to the illegals coming across our borders.

Just so you’re aware of the direness of this whole situation, there are ISIS members in the United States in 15 countries.  There is nowhere that is safe.

Christians must stand against this genocide.  Middle Eastern Christianity may look different from ours, but they are brothers and sisters and we need to pray and find out what we can do to help and support them. Google “supporting Middle East Christians” and find ways to help.

I leave you with this.  This is a video from the People of the Cross.  The People of the Cross was a reference to the video ISIS made of the Coptic Christians slaughtered in Libya, which they called  “A Message signed with blood to the People of the Cross.” The video was made by a young Christian filmmaker from Los Angeles.  It is truly beautiful and reminds us of who we are called to be.

Who would dare love ISIS? (A letter from the People of the Cross)